Πέμπτη, 15 Μαΐου 2014

Sidirokastron 15th of May 2014

This great badminton tournament has already started, for the first time, in the town of Sidirokastron, close to the city of Serres in Macedonia (Northern Greece) and gathered more than 200 players all over the world. It is worth mentioning that the local society embraced this sport event with warmth and its presence during the first day of the tournament, is the best proof.

During the qualification rounds there were no serious turnovers and the seeded players from the qualifications progressed into the main draw. There were one Greek ladies player and three pairs from doubles that managed to get a place into the main draw.

Outside the indoors hall local people despite the rain had placed their kiosk introducing local flavors of traditional Greek deserts.

Now everyone is hoping to have nice weather so they will enjoy apart of Greek hospitality and the lovely spring weather and nature of the area.

 Yours in Sport,

 Akis Theologos Mavridis